April 9, 2008

Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand

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It seems I need to work on titling my blog posts, because that is the exact name of the book I’ve just completed, Career Distinction. The lack of ingenuity is evident on long days. Still, Career Distinction is a solid, memorable name. It’s also a solid, memorable book and has legs in terms of assisting you in becoming the most renowned marketer (or firefighter, journalist, ice cream taster, etc.) in the world.

Even the most incredibly talented person on the planet will suffer without positioning themselves correctly. Competition is simply too fierce today. As such, positioning yourself in the market correctly is paramount to success. And getting tougher as more and more catch on.

This is a book on personal branding. We’ll get more into branding and why it’s so important another day (but, if you are lost on the subject, here’s a quick definition and the all important Trout and Ries who started it all.) So taking those requisite whispers and adding them to “personal” leaves us with branding a person. Not just any person. You. And it’s just about time you did something nice for yourself. Seriously.

The main idea is that you don’t just go out to be a plain old marketer. You don’t set out to be average. You set out to be the best in the age. You set out to be a Purple Cow. It’s actually pretty funny how many of us think we will be noticed for doing the same thing as every one else. No. Just stop doing everything the exact same way you saw someone you respected doing it. Stop

So much of this comes as second nature to people who live and breathe marketing, it leads me to think that standing out from the crowd of marketers has to be even that much more difficult. But it can be done. And will given the correct strategy. For instance, do you have a brand yet? Brands aren’t just for companies any more. And a brand isn’t necessarily a logo either. I’m not going to try and define it right now; it’s simply too tough to encapsulate. What’s important is to start marketing yourself, and there are so many different avenues to take in order to start. The long and short of the book could be described as such: act like an expert in your field and sooner or later you’ll begin to be treated as one. The book goes into much more detail.

Reading Career Distinction would be a good idea for a lot of people getting out of college or that have ran into trouble ascending their careers. It’s a good way to begin thinking about yourself as a product, and how to sell that product.



  1. One of the most important keys to becoming an expert is to really zero in on an area and become passionate about it. Get into the details. Experts often gain notoriety in this way, which then ripples outward into other areas.

    It’s all about focus. Maintain it.

    Career Distinction sounds like a great read. I’ll have to check it out.

    Comment by Chris Wilson — April 9, 2008 @ 3:11 am

  2. […] how to handle sticky situations.  Her first, and best, piece of advice is to always be managing your own brand.  I don’t know how many times I can say it, but NO ONE IS WATCHING OUT FOR YOU!  You have […]

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