April 16, 2008

Hot Off the Press

Filed under: Information Supernova — Robert John Ed @ 1:13 am

Hot off the press, the new Brandweek details the imminent effect of the information supernova on advertising spend.

The biggest thing to take notice of is that interactive spend is up about 19%, magazines are up about 8%, outdoor is up about 8%, TV is about even, and newspapers are the sob story with a decline of about 8%. Overall spend for advertising is up a slim margin (.6%).

I really need to reflect on newspapers more, and will. But in the best interests of my happiness (The Universe [best show on television, from a guy who dislikes television] at 8pm and the MN Wild playoff game at 9:15), I’ll be keeping this prompt.

Teh interwebz are having growth spurts today in terms of users, of course they are going to see a massive growth in ad spend. They should. But marketers are experiencing growing pains in trying to acclimate to the new climate. If I’m a brand manager of say, Mountain Dew, of course I’m going to be spending more on interactive, but how do I know if that’s of any value to me? This is a good time to state that I can’t stand the idea of “Brand Equity.” I’ll detail this at another time. So that’s out. I need more. I need to understand that I’m reaching those people and the long term effect this spend will have. And I’m not sure we’re at a point where those tangibles can be taken away.

In an age where marketing is expected to show ROI and be accountable (thankfully) the internet should be a marketers paradise. And in a sense it is much more advanced than other areas. I mean look, I can get so many stats! Unfortunately, I don’t necessarily know what those stats mean yet. What’s a click? What’s engagement and how do I define an engaged consumer? I don’t know. It’s different for everyone. That’s why working in interactive is so exciting and important today.

There will be a day when interactive marketing is the primary concern of every single marketing department in the world. Think about that. Young marketers would be well off sticking a wet finger in the air.


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