April 19, 2008

New Slang

Filed under: Lexicon (Vocab) — Robert John Ed @ 1:23 pm

I always come up with new words that I think are inventive and witty. Unfortunately, someone cooler has usually beaten me to the punch. Recent ideas in the last 6 months:

Mindcrush: Stemming from Mancrush, a word used to describe jealousy of another persons intellect. “I have a total mindcrush on Malcolm Gladwell.” Already taken. I suck.

Hypocritical Mass: Stemming from critical mass and hypocritical, an embellishment word designed to amplify someone’s hypocrisy.  “Dick Cheney in a new flash of hypocritical mass has stated that as vice president he has no liability to offer his records to congress.” Totally already taken. 3 million on the SERP? Brilliantly innovative Robert.

Intern00b: Stemming from a conjunction of internet and n00b. A word describing someone who needs to L2P“My mom is scared of reading my blog, mostly because she is intern00b and thinks opening a browser will allow someone to take the credit cards from her purse digitally.” Moderately taken. *Pats himself on back*

Why? I have no idea. Someday I’ll come up with something worth while. Stay tuned.


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