April 21, 2008


Filed under: Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 11:58 pm

Today consumers have a keen sense for when they are being lied to. The amount of occurrences seems to be rising. From the fake Walmart blog to the Best Buy fake in store website. The truth is, these occurrences probably aren’t increasing in number, just being caught by websites (the consumerist rocks) and angry people being hoodwinked, so they seem more prevalent than before.

And why stop there. My guess is that this kind of debauchery will be curtailed more so in the future for the fear of being caught. Marketers are realizing that this kind of situation has too imbalanced a risk reward to continue.

Here’s the kicker, it should stop. It’s better business.

Sure, you can fool people for a while by using inappropriate tactics, but sooner or later they get wise. And then they’re gone. Forever.

In a day and age where the clutter is ever more increasing, I don’t know that you can afford to be inauthentic.


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