April 24, 2008

I Failed. Thank God.

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Pretty big word to most people. A word which will hold back some people from ever even trying to achieve anything worth a damn. Failure is what holds most of us back from trying almost everything that could be valuable to us.

And it seems like we become good at following the same patterns of what we do and don’t. We become great at taking risks within certain areas of our lives, and in others we simply continue in our same rut. And everyone is partial to this little humane trait. Some of us excel in certain areas, some of us don’t.

The key is that we have to be willing to fail. We have to work at failure. Not intentionally dropping the ball, but going out on a limb on purpose, after all that’s where all the fruit is. The bottom line is that if we don’t attempt new experiences, we won’t succeed or fail. We’ll stagnate. Today, being different is necessary. And that means taking risks; and occasionally failing. Take the other road.

Despite knowing this, there are certain areas in my life where I fail to to fail enough, and I’m currently trying to figure out ways to get out there and change my ways. Maybe some of you out there suffer from similar afflictions.

PS Rough Day? Go to the Fail Blog for some quick laughs. K Thx Bai.


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