April 25, 2008

What Is Reality? Perception.

Filed under: Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 12:01 am

In marketing, it’s somewhat common to hear the term “perception is reality.” There is a good reason for this.

It’s true.

When someone comes into your store, buys your product, receives a service call, calls your phone operating system, sends you an email or checks out your web page (amongst a thousand other dalliances) what they perceive is their reality. It doesn’t matter that they don’t understand the phone queque always ten people deep and outsourced to China in order to save a nickel a call. All they know is that you didn’t pick up within five minutes. You inattentive ass.

It’s unimportant that your APR is lower than any other bank and that the credit card is pre-approved. It comes in the same packaging as every other credit company and misspells my name Bob Head. Dammit.

I could care less that your six sigma processes have eliminated 99.96% of product defects.  The speakers you told me would last forever bottomed out during my first play of Funky Cold Medina.

It doesn’t matter that your store had two employees quit and there is no one to cover a rush during Holiday season. It doesn’t matter that your web application has officially scaled from a few thousand users to a few million; it crashed, and as such it is obvious your infrastructure is garbage.

It doesn’t matter.

Because this is the only reality I know.



  1. On the topic of call centers and customer service, isn’t it funny that it has gotten to the point where if you get a rep right away (or even within a minute) you are actually SUPRISED? Typically, when I am entering a call center queue, I am also getting into the most comfortable position I can get into so I can just go comatose for a while until I hear something different than the pattern of ads mixed with Kenny G music.

    Comment by Brian Haugen — April 25, 2008 @ 1:50 pm

  2. Bri Bri-

    It is certainly a sad state of affairs. Small businesses “don’t have enough people” or can’t afford it, and large businesses are obsessed with saving the money that would be gone through normal CSRs.

    Comment by Robert John Ed — April 25, 2008 @ 4:40 pm

  3. […] like you don’t care; chances are that you do actually care. You’re just busy. Still, perception is reality. And if you don’t care, then honestly, why should […]

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