April 26, 2008

Your Money = Your Vote

Filed under: Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 5:02 pm

I grew up listening to mostly punk music. One of my favorite bands then was Propagandhi. These guys are from Canada and have some pretty intense thoughts on the state of affairs today. If I had to sum up their ideals, the most concise word would be humanitarianism.

They really were very forward thinking. And back in 9th grade I picked up this little gem and it opened my eyes on a lot of issues. There was a pamphlet inside that went over some serious stuff; sexuality, vegans, religion, feminism, capitalism as well as an overarching hatred for the system. All of this stuff can be read here. It might not all be your cup of tea, but it’s worth a look.

The main thing that is relevant to consumers is that you actually control what corporations will do. Every time you choose to spend a dollar on a company, you are giving them reason to continue their practices. When people realize this and act accordingly, it’s a lot easier for companies to understand that they aren’t doing the things they should. When everyone makes it a priority to buy from companies that support the issues and ideals they themselves harbor, the world will see a big difference.

Every dollar is a vote. Vote for what you think is right.


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