April 29, 2008

CATFOA Part Deux

Filed under: Meeting Marketers — Robert John Ed @ 1:27 am

Actually, this was the fifth and tentatively final installment of the CATFOA events. I was just clued in a bit late and so I’ve only saw the last few. Both fun and worth while. Tim says that there may well be additional events, so keep your fingers crossed.

The subject of tonight’s fun was none other than Brian Morrissey, who works for Adweek and even writes a blog; though unlike the rest of us unimaginative dissidents, his blog is about his hobby and not his career. He is the “digital” guy and gave quite a few interpretations of the space.

I enjoyed the event, and as much the conversation afterward. Though I think that these events truly have a saturation of people that already have a very good understanding of what is going on in interactive. It made me think that I’d really like to go and learn about traditional advertising a bit more. It’s because you can learn about the interactive space so easily. After all, most of the marketers and advertisers that are truly knowledgeable on the subject are subjecting us to their subject. Speaking objectively of course.

Seriously though, this was good and I strongly recommend going. I would really like to see more events in similitude where marketers can network in Minneapolis. It seems like most people really want to talk about monetizing social sites like FB or Myspace.

I think this is a big problem. It’s not about monetizing a site (OK maybe for FB it is). It’s about different forms of communication and figuring out how we can leverage these new forms to create loyal friends, partners, consumer and customers. Whatever you want to call them. We are far too intelligent and aware of marketing to simply see a banner and start drooling. I need to expound on consumer intelligence/awareness soon.

But the Celtics are playing, not tonight. KG is my boy.


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