May 13, 2008

iPhone Home…Run

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The iPhone will be one of the preeminent phones that people use in the future. There are certainly some good reasons against this, the price, the interface (which takes some getting used to), and the exclusivity to AT&T. None of that matters. It will become a force (it already is actually).

I do not own an iPhone or a Blackberry. Though at some point I’m sure I’ll pick one up.

Today, iPhone owners are only 1 in 200 of cell phone owners (via Brandweek). That stat is bound to grow by leaps and bounds as the technology lowers in cost and becomes more accessible. Personally, I’m waiting for a 16g @ $199 with a comprehensive data plan for around $60. Keep dreaming.

So big deal right? Lots of technologically advanced gadgets and gizmos come out every year and take the world by storm. The iPhone is just another drop in that bucket. Why does it matter to marketers?

It is going to revolutionize mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is barely in infantile stages today. Yes, we get those text ads (known as SMS) today; but that will be an afterthought someday soon.

The iPhone allows people to experience the internet with a browser that rivals that of normal computer screens. It is not nearly on par with them today, but many organizations and websites are purposefully programming pages and making applications that are easier to display on the iPhone. Just recently, Apple announced an SDK for the device. This is a large event because the floodgates open for all independent developers to produce applications for the iPhone, meaning that all kinds of games and applications will be developed for anyone who owns the phone.

Basically, the phone is going to bring the internet (the real internet) to people everywhere. Anywhere you go you can access all the information on the information supernova. It will fundamentally change how we use phones, and how marketers use phones to reach people.



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