May 14, 2008

Twitter Fail

Filed under: Marketing Tactics, Personal Branding — Robert John Ed @ 8:09 pm

So the Twitter experiment is failing. I can see where the value is and potentially may revisit this situation at some point, but for now I’m just not getting enough value out of it to continually be on the site and update my situation.

If you are on Facebook, Twitter is easily explained as a website dedicated solely to the status updates of FB. Except it’s much more frequent and is limited to 140 characters of type. Many may ask why this is any value. Well, being able to follow a ton of friends when important things or thoughts hit them is a cool idea. And a lot of serendipitous effects. Additionally, it’s great for posing a question and letting the wisdom of crowds get you where you want to go.

The problem is that the majority of my friends don’t use the service. I signed up last year and no one I knew was using it at all. Then I revisited a few days ago, but still no one is using it; at least not in the critical mass consortium that is Facebook.

The question posed is will Twitter catch on the way social networking has? Honestly, I don’t think so. I’ve been wrong many times before, but this seems like a service that tech people are going batty for and less tech oriented people could care less about. It’s just one more way to be connected at all times. And truthfully, I’m tired of being connected at all times. I want some time to reflect and stop being updated. I may well join up again in another year when and if the service becomes more valuable to me; or maybe when I get back in school if more people are integrated with it.

UPDATE: Still trying to keep on Twitter, despite the situation. We’ll see if in the long term it works.


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