May 22, 2008


Filed under: Marketing Tactics — Robert John Ed @ 9:39 pm

I understand the reason marketers shoot for certain kinds of people, we need to interact with the people most likely to use products and services. Marketing to hunters is something that a beer seller should do. It makes sense. Typically, outdoors people enjoy having a beer or two.

Marketing products like alcohol and cigarettes and even medication is touchy. The reason is that these products can cause harm to the people who use them. In Brandweek, AB is noted to be using camouflage cans. As a specialty can this is actually a good idea, camouflage is popular with many different groups. There is a problem though. Having a camouflage can technically allows for another utility, specifically, using it while hunting. Even in the issue of Brandweek it states that “The deer won’t see your drink.”

Um…does anyone else remember AB getting in trouble by marketing overly aggressively? Ugh.

The problem, for those of you who missed it, is that operating fire arms while drinking beer probably isn’t a great idea. And although a camouflage can is cool (I actually like the design) the idea that AB is intentionally designing the beer so it’s easier to use while hunting is disastrous for the brand in terms of negative press.

I’m almost absolutely positive that AB isn’t thinking of the design in those terms. But it only takes one incident of someone drinking those cans and making a big mistake before the press starts wondering why anyone would design a can more conducive to use during a hunt.

Some products just need a bit more tip toeing than others.

(PS I’m quite surprised a picture of this man made it onto the blog. Life is full of surprises.)


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