May 25, 2008


Filed under: Information Supernova, Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 5:09 pm

Words mean so much more than their definitions. It’s difficult to define the importance of the words a business uses to describe itself. This is the nature of marketing. This is why most everything the President ever says is preconceived by professional writers.

Public relations or PR is actually the origination of marketing today. A simple way to look at it: some very intelligent people realized that keeping the masses in check was necessary to avoid large problems proliferating. It sounds insidious, but it’s simply a way to control the information in front of people. That kind of power can be used for good or bad, but it’s necessary for government. Some may see this as a bad thing; many may understand the necessity.

Yet, things are changing today.  The funnel has been flipped, a lot more people have the ability to self publish and garner attention.  It’s not longer a broadcasting world.  This is a good thing, but does it effect the importance of the words we use?  Well yes and no.  The truth is that as the medium proliferates our expression and company explanations will be forced to become less contrived.  Meaning that not every time we contact the public will have time to be perfectly formulated.  I think the important thing is that CSR’s and other public relations persons have a clear understanding and mindset regarding their company and the words they use to describe it.  Then let them run free.  The information supernova will overtake everything in terms of media and public relations will have to learn to run much faster as an effect.

Words will always be important.  Ensuring the correct connotations and understanding amongst those in an organization expected to represent corporate ideals is the hard part.  So how do you go about deciding which words?  Personally, I feel that the best thing a company can do is walk the walk and really believe what it says.  And the best way to do that is to do what actually drives you; not merely do what you say drives you.  I’ll touch on this another time.


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