June 7, 2008

Gamestop. Kmart. No One Wants My Money.

Filed under: Marketing Tactics, Random — Robert John Ed @ 8:54 pm

Quick update on the Gamestop inquiry. I stopped in to see if Mario Kart Wii was in again. As expected, the game was not. Whatever. I was past being angry at this point. Just took the cash and walked.

So I go to Kmart in Uptown. The only retail relatively close for newer video games. I’d just been there a few weeks ago and saw multiple copies of the game on display; I assumed they’d have it.

One thing that anyone who reads this blog should be familiar with is that my life is essentially a rock at the shoreline constantly assaulted by waves of adversity. You get used to the idea that near anything that can go wrong, will. I think it’s Murphy’s Law? Yep. Anyway, despite this unrelenting gauntlet, I feel I’m pretty upbeat for the most part. :-)

So, after a thorough and unsuccessful perusal of the Wii games, I secede to the inevitable and query the electronics clerk about the game. He comes over and looks at the display, looks at me, looks at the display again, then goes into the back to see if they have any in stock. After about five minutes, he comes out and says (paraphrasing) “We actually have a bunch of copies in back, but I can’t sell them until next Thursday.”

At this point, I’ve given up being astounded about my lack of luck. Yet a few things strike me as odd. The game isn’t a new release; there’s no reason to hold off the sale of it. My assumption is that the store hadn’t input them into the system and couldn’t sell them as such (read: dumb). Secondly, why come out and tell me that you have it in the store?! Could I feel like any more of a maroon? Christ.

It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

And yet again, customer service fails the willing and eager consumer. Target here I come.


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