June 10, 2008

3G iPhone In My Future?

Filed under: Digital Distribution, Gadgets, Information Supernova — Robert John Ed @ 1:42 pm

I am such a tool. Apple went and got me hyped up about the new 3G iPhone yesterday. Now, I’m just as consumption happy as the next person, but have tried to delay getting a new phone for costs. As of now I’m rocking this pile. And this is a new picture of the phone. Mine looks like it spent the last two years testing the dexterity of varying grades of sand paper. Ugh.

So when Apple lowered the cost of the iPhone to $199 and $299 (for the 8G and 16G models, respectively), I hastily made a trip to the store and bought some new pants. When I got back, I went hard into the think tank about buying a new phone.

There are some big issues here. First for the positives. The phone is amazing, it allows you to pull together almost all the aspects of the internet and your communication with people in your life. It offers a great browser, it’s a sweet iPod, the touch interface is very intuitive from what I’ve heard, the API (Cocoa) is apparently very good for developers and will lead to countless amazing applications (BTW, PSP and DS should be viewing this as a huge threat) for the consumer to buy via iTunes. If I were to purchase one of these, it would be the 16G model. That’s enough to hold ALL of my music. Sweet jessup that’s hot. Oh, and they added GPS!

Beyond the awe inspiring amount of rock that just emanated from that last paragraph, I’ve got professional reasons to pony up as well. Learning new mediums is big. And mobile marketing is the next big thing, for extreme amounts of industries. How do you learn? You learn by immersion. So first hand knowledge would be the way to go.

I’ve talked about it before
this device is going to be the most important device for our generation. It may be the second coming of the PC. That sounds sensationalist, but if you think about it, it may not be that far off. Think about all the time you spend on your computer. It seems like a lot of time; but the majority of people spend more time away from their communication hub than at it. The iPhone brings everything with you. Sure, RIM and Nokia have phones that connect you as well. But they don’t have the browsing capabilities, and my bet is on the device that makes it as easy as possible for the consumer to use the internet how they first learned it; via IE, Firefox or Safari. Suck it Trebec.

Some downsides though. First the price is much lower than before, but $299 is still nothing to sneeze at. I can buy 47 burritos with that money. But honestly, that’s not what scares me. The data plans scare me. If I get this thing, I want a data plan and the ability to use it whenever. That looks like a big $35 per month. Plus my supposed $40 (my bill is always $50), I’m looking at a bill of about $90 per month for a cell phone. Ouch.

The deal doesn’t start until July 11th. I’m unsure what to do. But I need a new phone (“need” is a subjective term based upon my idiotic rationale that something that works perfectly fine but isn’t aesthetically appealing and doesn’t serve the optimal utility of the preferred option should be replaced). So I’m talking myself into this if you haven’t noticed.

Please step in with words of wisdom should you feel so inclined.



  1. I want one of these guys too, I had to check my shorts as well when I read that yesterday. But my issues is that my last Motorola (free) has spent countless nights in the yard, the dog chewed on it, I have left it at bars, dropped in on every hard surface imaginable and I shove it in my tight fightin’ jeans whenever possible.

    Why would I get one of these when I know I will ruin it in a month? Plus, like you said, are these data plans ever going to come down? Ouch.

    Blog blog blog it all, blog it if its big or small, blogin’ in the locker room, babies bloggin’ in the womb…

    Comment by grambo — June 10, 2008 @ 2:33 pm

  2. The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning toward imminent purchase. You do bring up good points about the physical aspects of the device. I’d probably pick up something of a case for it too.

    Check it:

    Gangstafied Pink!

    Comment by Robert John Ed — June 10, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

  3. If you get it tell me if it’s worth the monthly cost. My sprint contract is up in September and I am thinking of switching to the rad new 3G iPhone. My beef is that everyone I know has Sprint and switching to at&t means that my anytime minutes will actually be used. I pay 35 per month now and could upgrade to a blackberry pearl for $100 and add a data package plan for 20 or 30 bucks which would be significantly less than my monthly iPhone bill should I decide to make the switch.

    Comment by mikey — June 16, 2008 @ 3:19 am

  4. I’ll keep you updated. I’m a get at fo sho.

    Comment by Robert John Ed — June 16, 2008 @ 4:28 pm

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