June 12, 2008

We Can Solve It (.org)

Filed under: Green MKTG — Robert John Ed @ 3:15 pm

I’m getting older. Who isn’t right? As I get older I feel pangs of self actualization and using what meager abilities I have to improve the current situation we’re in. Last night, while watching the Twins game I flipped back and forth and saw an ad for improving our climate.

Almost no advertisement gets me off the couch to check it out. This was no exception.

But this morning on Digg I saw a banner ad. Banner ads REALLY have little effect on me, but it was the same kind of ad I saw last night. I clicked on it.

Now, I’ve been a proponent of the climate crisis for a while (ever since I saw An Inconvenient Truth) but really haven’t done much to make a significant change. I’d certainly like to.

So I went to and read up a bit about what their mission is. I haven’t yet had much time to figure out how I can make a positive impact, but will keep digging. I’ll keep updating on it, but in the meantime, maybe you want to check it out? I joined the group We Twin Cities, so if you are interested in maintaining our environment too, hit it up. Or just shoot me an email and let’s get something started.

My real goal here is to find events and actionable ideas to help change, not just join a community online; so we’ll see where this goes. :-)


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