June 13, 2008

Interwebz Data & Value

Filed under: Digital Distribution, Information Supernova — Robert John Ed @ 3:08 pm

The big problem with corporations and marketers looking at the internet is their skewed perspective. This is a huge generalization, so bare with me. It looks like another medium similar to television, radio or billboards. What they fail to realize is the impact and difference in the medium.

The interactivity adds so much value to the end user. They are directing the experience at all times and inherently the value of advertising is decreased, for a lack of audience captivity. Additionally, this medium empowers the user far more than the aforementioned. I can’t even begin to speak about how much I’ve learned from the information supernova. It has altered the way I learn, communicate, shop and work. It is life altering.

So little surprise when over at Matt Dickman’s blog Techno//Marketer was a post about a poll of internet users in some European countries. He gives a good synopsis, but the real data is here in a pdf. Read it! It’s a very simple read, but it’s also extremely important. Marketers need to start understanding the differentiation between mediums and act accordingly. I think a lot of very smart people get this difference, but aren’t quite sure how to change their tactics to reflect the new dynamic.

Some key takeaways:

  • The internet is more influential to purchasing behavior than other advertising mediums
  • Internet time is pulling even with television time spent by consumers (it will overtake it soon IMO)
  • Consumers are adapting to the new information available by altering their consumption habits (IE researching and comparison shopping online, where ease of use is much higher)

Go check it out, you troglodyte humunculi, ;-)


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