June 16, 2008

Writing Every Day

Filed under: Blog Explanations, Random — Robert John Ed @ 8:48 pm

Some bloggers say writing every day is the key to building an audience. I would agree with that in terms of how I read blog material. When you get to know someone, it’s more fun to read their thoughts; the key to getting to know someone is regularity. In fact, the only reason I really got to reading blogs was because the people were genuinely interesting, with thoughts and ideas that warranted coming back.

But there’s a line to toe as well. I don’t want people thinking the writing here is overtly personal in nature. It’s about marketing first and foremost with a heavy dosage of what I’m learning about business and working in the mean time.

So I don’t want to write every day for the sake of writing every day. I’d like to write whenever something strikes me as worth while or of note to marketing. And unfortunately, my point of view often finds the little things, those mundane nuances, much more fascinating than others. So when a Kit Kat is 25 cents with the purchase of a coffee at Superamerica, I just may take notice and put it here (BTW I really need to start carrying my camera around…I see so many mobile marketing campaigns of note that I don’t photograph).

I’m still hashing out what’s worth writing about and what isn’t. Part of me just wants to write anything and everything that is happening in a day because I like to write my thoughts, but it seems like that would really get away from a focus.

Also, I’m not sure what my upcoming vacation (I’m taking off most of July and a week in August) or going back to school will do. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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