June 17, 2008


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The PostSecret project is simply amazing. It’s an ongoing web art project where people send in home made postcards divulging personal secrets. It ranks well in web stats; and the creator Frank Warren has not monetized it (thankfully), here’s some more background information.

What strikes me as incredible, the site is oriented around everyone submitting things they’d normally never talk about; the result is a liberating confession told anonymously. What’s truly astonishing to me, everyone has secrets they’d never dream of going into detail with. Even with their best friends and confidants. Everyone has fears, doubts, elation and issues they keep to themselves in order to maintain an outward guise. It makes me wonder how much of our lives are actually a rouse, mere facades and fantasy, perpetuated out of necessity and wonts. In fact, it makes me a bit sad that our society is so inhibited and guarded.

Lately, it’s occurred to me how much of a pompous ass I can be. And so much of that can be subverted with honesty and empathy. Maintaining those things day to day is difficult, but generally improves your temperament as well as your relationships with those around you (by choice or otherwise). The realization that you are merely human; flawed, insecure and often scared of life’s ever present inevitability may set you free. All part of the rivers ebb and flow, learning to let go. Embracing the current.

So today I visited the Facebook PostSecret page (down as of this writing). Where people are actually posting secrets, but not anonymously. Extremely interesting that people are letting the anonymity go. Some of these people are so very human; it is quite simply compelling.

You should go check it out. And maybe post something yourself.


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