June 20, 2008

Propers to UPS (BIG UPS to UPS)

Filed under: Marketing Tactics, Random — Robert John Ed @ 1:53 pm

It’s pretty easy to bug out about companies that don’t get it right. They say one thing and do another, mess up an order, forget to respect you in some way or another and us bloggers go a little bonkers.

I think it’s human nature to spout off about something that upsets you much more than spread the word about something good happening. So I just wanted to make note of a positive experience with UPS yesterday.

As a preface, I love Jeremy Fish and all his bad ass SuperFishal gear. I’ve been following his work for roughly a year or so and it is AWESOME-O! The older I get, the more I love art of all kinds. I don’t do a great job of following the art scene though; most everything I check in on is West Coast, but I know there are a ton of great artists and commentary in the Midwest; I just don’t follow well. But for starters, I’d like to hit up the Walker’s Outside exhibit (OH BTW I’M DESPERATE TO SEE THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS THIS WEEKEND AND IT IS SOLD OUT! CRAPFEST.), the Art Institute and the Weisman this July. I’ve only been to the Walker, so if you want to go let me know.

Anyway, that tangent leads to the fact that I dig art. Obscure cool stuff that deviates from the standard. Additionally, I’m getting my own pad again come September and I’m looking to fill it with all kinds of appealing wares. New ware numero uno is a Jeremy Fish shower curtain descended upon this land to destroy your conventional bathing routine. BTW, didn’t buy from Urban Outfitters, because they are a rip off company stealing from smaller artists, but they had a full scale picture for the link. Corporate emo hipster kids must learn of their blasphemy.

Yesterday I walk up my stoop and see that the UPS guy was there and no one was around to sign for my package. Bummer. Also, I’m unable to be there today during hours of 9-5. Flummoxed, I call the line on the sticker they leave on your door. I hate phone voice machines, they almost always lead no where and just waste time before I either zero through to the operator or hang up in frustration. This time was different. UPS has a GREAT system. I punched in my ID number and within a millisecond it knew the package, time, date and who I was. It asked if I wanted to reschedule (no), pick up (no), or reroute (yes). Phone voice from 2021 sent me through to a human extremely fast and she had it altered to come to my work place today. No extra charge, no extra time, no worries.

So congratulations UPS. You must send literally millions of packages every day and yet you built a system that scales well enough to track my Jeremy Fish shower curtain (and my awesome new hoodie).

Big UPS to UPS. Rock.


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