June 26, 2008

Disposition and Dat Position

Filed under: Marketing Philosophy, Personal Branding — Robert John Ed @ 4:13 pm

Ever more it strikes me the importance of being socially able. I know many, many people who are introverted. They are usually more than cool; but most people will never know.

I was quite introverted at one point as well. At some point during college everything clicked. I realized how that sitting in my room listening to I Am A Rock wouldn’t get me what I wanted. And despite my love of literary pursuits, human interaction far supersedes those novelties.

In marketing, communications are prerequisite to success. Working within the intricate teams, communication is the oil that keeps the motor running smoothly. To be understood and understand others is paramount. It does not matter how intelligent you are. It does not matter that you are a savant gifted beyond all measure.

This is ballet, not golf.

I also think that as a person becomes more successful, they let their tendencies revert to their more natural perspectives. I believe Mark Cuban refers to it as “Fuck You Money.” With good reason. At that point you don’t have to answer to anyone (maybe a boss but this is nominal) except yourself. So keeping that in mind, I think the best time to really judge someone and their true character is after they have “made it.” Do they continue to be outgoing and put forth an affable disposition? Or do they blow you off and stop caring? Money is not everything. In fact, in the end, money isn’t much of anything.

What kind of person are you? Does that fact change as you garner wealth? Worth thinking about.

PS You should be thinking of that awesome Duck Tales theme song by now.. Uh Wooo Ooooh.

PPS WordPress’ picture function isn’t text wrapping correctly. It drives me absolutely nuts even to look at the way the pictures have been formatting in these posts. /*Shudder*.


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