June 30, 2008

Transitions Within Companies

Filed under: Human Relations — Robert John Ed @ 3:16 pm

I work for a relatively small company (and not for much longer). I’ll probably do some consulting work in terms of web site PPC ads, blogging and a few other things afterward, but it will be minimal. So, literally in a handful of days I’ll be gone. Near completely.

And although I’ll always be happy to help with anything that isn’t picked up on or completely understood, there is a big transition to be done. Chances are things will change a lot. Whether they change for the better is the responsibility of the company and those who run it.

What I wonder about is how many of the things that were in the works will fall through the cracks. What direction does a company take with a new person? Skill sets, whether improved upon, lateral or lesser than, obviously differentiate with any new people. So how can a small company regulate the focus and direction of an upcoming candidate? Is it even a good idea to do so? Would it possibly stifle their creativity and previous experience? Lots of questions.

I think this kind of situation really points out the need for management that has strategic goals laid out very plainly, with tactical initiatives to back them up. It also shows the need for human resources. Good HR people understand the needs of the departments they are hiring for. There are many of people that could be put into a position, but much fewer who will thrive based on what the company actually needs. I think previously I didn’t understand the necessary intricacy of HR; this whole situation is really opening my eyes.


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