July 1, 2008

More Evolution…

Filed under: Green MKTG, Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 2:07 pm

Via Engadget:

Tesla is saying they’ll have a sub $30,000 pure electric car within four years. Not shown, this model is pretty spendy.

Finally, this is what we’ve been clamoring for.

Now isn’t it absolutely ridiculous that the bigger car makers haven’t put more into developing these kinds of cars? (Read: yes). The lack of foresight is borderline preposterous. These are the same marketers that will complain when outsourcing is kicking them in the tookus. Spell check on tookus?

PS  After thinking about it, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the next car I buy will be electric…that won’t be for a few years…and I’ll probably need a gas vehicle for making longer trips (or maybe I’ll rent?), but my guess is that I won’t need another car for 3-4 years, hopefully longer, and so this may well fall right into the wheelhouse.  Woot.  All up in yo’ face big petrol!


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