July 10, 2008

New Biz Card Idea

Filed under: Ideas, Personal Branding — Robert John Ed @ 2:29 am

Over here I thought of a new idea. Why not put a Google search term on your business card?

The idea on that blog post was to put a Twitter ID on your business card. Problem is that Twitter isn’t widespread, isn’t stable, won’t necessarily become pervasive in business. That business is an online marketing firm; so it makes sense for them to have that kind of information if not just for a bit more supernova cred.

And I like Twitter, I just don’t think that’s something that should go on a business card. Too crowded. Why not put on Facebook (um?), Myspace (I’m 13 years old), LinkedIn (Yawn), Skype (What?), Digg (Exsqueeze me?)…etc. Someone in the comments mentioned FriendFeed. That one makes some sense, but people still don’t know what it is yet.

So what would work? Google search term would be fantastic for some people and companies. My name doesn’t work well, which is why I’d have to have “Robert John Ed” or “Redmarketer” which should potentially bring up my personal brand. That’s transparent and memorable.

So will I do this? No. That’s why I have a website on my card. Duh.

Still, it’s a good idea.


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  1. i am gonna show this to my friend, man

    Comment by Apececosof — October 6, 2008 @ 5:46 pm

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