July 14, 2008

Marketing Is Everywhere

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UPDATE: This campaign won the school an Effie; apparently a communications award. I’m not much about awards (I’ll need to talk about this at some point) but still worth note.

People in this industry probably have a bit better perspective on the pervasive nature of marketing. It is quite literally near everywhere on the planet, in one form or another. If people inhabit an area, chances are that marketing has made its way as well.

This could be viewed as a good or bad thing. The truth is, the majority of marketing is there in order to make money, or get people to spend their money. Some marketing is there sheerly as a boon to people and what they do. Often these are known as public service announcements or PSA’s. They exist solely to educate or raise awareness for the public. That gives us all some warm fuzzies. I very much like the fact that our governments and independent organizations make an effort to help us understand and alter our actions for good.

I think the line between these two kinds of marketing, commercial and non commercial, will blur more and more as our culture becomes more educated to the practices. And this is happening extremely quickly. People have always been aware of advertisements, but they are now coming full circle in understanding the impact and relative influence they have. As such, they are evolving psychologically to refute or hinder messages with an asterisk, knowing that the purpose of the advertisement is to influence. Basically, we are all becoming more distrustful of random advertising. This serves as a positive and negative for marketers. We have a much more difficult time peddling our wares in saturated environments. Yet, it is also an unbelievable opportunity to reach out, through the clutter, and form lasting and meaningful relationships with people who really benefit from our products and services.

No more “turn and burn” marketing where one sale is garnered and the person is forgotten until the next sales cycle. This is reciprocal marketing meant to establish and maintain relations for long term profitability on both sides, win-win.

So the line between PSA and traditional advertisement will begin to blur as companies embrace helping their partners. Yesterday I saw some marketing that was pretty indicative of this:

Then a few feet ahead:

Pretty cool. At first glance, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. The university makes money from tuition. So why deter students from taking the five year plan? Well it promotes a good relationship by advocating for the consumer and their experience. It also helps the school to have students graduate quickly, it’s good for reputation. It also keeps their graduation percentages better…more marketing stats.


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