July 17, 2008

Resume Updating

Filed under: Human Relations, Personal Branding, School — Robert John Ed @ 3:49 pm

It’s important. Do it. Once a year or so.

If you can’t find the time to do a full blown revamp, write notes and updates to add in later. The reason is that it gets progressively harder to update the longer you put it off. Additionally, you are bound to lose a lot of the things that you would want on that piece of paper.

I have updated my resume about once every year since college. Since I’m attending school again, they want us to get them a resume that they can go over. I’m meeting with the career services department today to go over what I’ve done. Since I value you’re opinions as much as anyone, I’m posting my resume here. Good idea? I’m not sure. Keep in mind that I actually just stripped this down, it had some additional internship information on it, a longer “employment objective” (which is probably going to change anyway.)

The long and short of it is that this will probably see a drastic change in the next few days. I’ll be taking advice from you and professionals at the school, adding in some things and then probably post a new updated version too. I’m going to alter the employment objective A LOT. In fact, this resume will probably alter for everyone I give it to for actual interviews. Still, graduate degree information will have to be added, extracurricular activities, consulting experience (which I’m now doing for my old company) and a few other things. So think of this as a working Beta. Anything you want to point out is appreciated, though try not to be too harsh. I have feelings too :-).

Oh and I already caught the misspelling of maintenance.



  1. […] at Carlson about my resume, and got some bad news. All that work I put into my resume (which was posted here) will go for […]

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  2. I hear you on the BS to conform to a template — especially as a Marketer at a Marketing Agency. It’s like an oxymoron to claim to be a marketer and then submit a plain white resume. How is that any good?

    I’m actually surprised that Carlson didn’t accept a PDF version of it. I know they re-designed their HR web hub so I’m sure the interface was meant to stream line things but it obviously isn’t friendly if you have to conform to the boring ways of Microsoft Word. I have mine formatted in Word –although in InDesign you can make it much cooler and obviously save as a PDF. What I can tell you is that Carlson does get hundreds of resumes a day and that they do make you conform b/c a spider crawls these documents for keywords (in regards to a certain position). If your resume gets flagged, an HR associate reviews it and you may get a call. So like SEO — keywords keywords keywords…

    It sucks to not be able to set yourself a part in the crowd of black and docs, but from their HR side, I understand how they can’t page through the thousands of resumes submitted to them each day/week/etc. However, don’t let that deter you b/c I think your design and layout is awesome an defintiely sets you a part from the crowd (something that they didn’t teach us how to do at the resume workshops). Plus, I find that they really like it if you make it to an interview and you bring that flashy looking resume and tell them that you have an online portfolio…now that’s the kicker. Holla.

    Comment by Taj Bolton — July 24, 2008 @ 2:53 pm

  3. Word to my brother. :-). I’m working on the black and white word formatted info right now. But yeah, I’m doubling up and will definitely have two versions. I get the word searching too, so it makes sense, but at the end of the day I’ll be bringing in the actual resume.

    Comment by Robert John Ed — July 24, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

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