July 17, 2008

What Makes a Blog Enjoyable?

Filed under: Blog Explanations, Meeting Marketers, Personal Branding — Robert John Ed @ 4:04 pm

I was going through a lot of my RSS feed today looking at some of the bloggers and remarking to myself how I find what they write boring at times.

Then I came across a post from Fred Wilson @ AVC which defined a little better what I was thinking.  The whole of the post could be boiled down to the value of individuals NOT being businesses, not being regulated, simply writing as self expression, with some very poignant and valuable information intertwined.

I started reading blogs as a way to get a leg up on the competition in marketing.  It worked.  Seth Godin is my all time favorite marketer, and certainly my favorite business writer.  I still love reading Seth, he’s got a magical way of expressing ideas.  But even more, I like to read people like Fred Wilson and Dave Winer.  They write personal blogs; on anything and everything they deem worth talking about.  Often that’s about their businesses.  I’ve learned a ridiculous amount about venture capital, scripting and how they operate since.  That’s not why I read them though.  They are personal, and as such, compelling.  It’s human.

So I attempt to write in a similar fashion.  I want to get to know people with similar (and sometimes dissimilar) views.  It’s about building a network.  And frankly, it’s working.  I’ve already made acquaintance with some really cool people.  But I can’t meet you if you read this and don’t reach out.  So I’m hoping you do.  Even more important, if you have a blog and have similar interests to me (marketing, tech, grad school, MN sports, etc.) drop me a line.  This blog is not a business.  It’s a hobby that happens to incorporate my interests.


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