July 23, 2008

Shrinking the RSS

Filed under: Blog Explanations — Robert John Ed @ 6:37 pm

I’ve decided to hack out a ton of people from my RSS Reader.  It takes me a couple hours to read everything (I don’t even do this any more).  What seems pretty apparent to me is that a ridiculous amount of the ideas (and mine are certainly not above the fold) are repetitive and as such very boring.  The human writers, the people that write in their own voice, are the only ones able to keep me coming back.  What’s worse, the writers can’t seem to hold my attention.  With school upcoming, time will be in a crunch and it’s time to alter where my information is coming from.

There are many exceptions, but overall, it’s a time for a break from the blogosphere.

It seems pretty obvious to me now that I spend too much time reading blogs and not enough reading newspapers.  Specifically the Wall Street Journal, which I believe is an expectation of going to business school.  If I want reactions from blogs, they are only a search away.  As of right now it’s something like a 95/5% split.  A 60/40% split seems a little more representative in order to stay informed.

So I just hacked it down to 19, although my blogroll will remain unchanged in case I want to make quick checks.


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  1. Much agreed — I’m down to 10. I’m finally just catching up on yours and Seth Godin’s blogs! Keep posting big homie.

    Comment by Taj Bolton — July 24, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

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