July 24, 2008

Brand Burnout

Filed under: Emo (EQ), Marketing Philosophy, Marketing Tactics, Personal Branding — Robert John Ed @ 3:52 pm

One thing I noticed in the last 6 months of my job is that I was suffering from brand burnout.

As marketers, or any other position I suppose, we are susceptible to burn out with our jobs.  Specifically, for continuing to pound away on a brand message or position within the company.  Our copy can get stale.  Our advertising seems to lack luster.  Our presentations don’t have the zip they used to.  It’s a normal aspect of life, do something forever and your mind begins to wander.  Even worse, you question your own credibility and what you are doing on a constant basis, sometimes only subconsciously, but it’s still there.

I’m an aspiring author.  And by that I mean that I write on my own time and some day hope to be published.  That will probably take me a great amount of time, seeing as how I don’t have time to work on my hobby because I pour so much into the marketing day job.  Anyway, after some time you look at the words you’ve written and begin to question if they’re any good.  It works the same way in marketing, etc.

Being the sole marketer for an organization has ups and downs.  One great aspect is that I was in charge of the branding experience and positioning the company.  A big issue was that there wasn’t necessarily someone to throw ideas off of and build with.  So it was easy to second guess what I was doing.  That said, working in teams is a great way to combat that problem.  Teams act as a fail safe.  They catch what your own weary eyes may miss.  They are  your peers, and they keep you at your best consistently, because it’s easy to let a nameless and unknown down before someone you know well and respect.

Also, take a vacation.  I hadn’t had one in three years.  I didn’t realize how it was affecting my ability, but it was.  And I mean a two week, no looking at work, chilling out at the beach vacation.  Not a long weekend.

OK…back to resume writing, I’m procrastinating.


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