July 28, 2008

Hooooooooly Shit Balls!

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UPDATE: Cool way to make it easier to use; just click and drag the bookmark for the Spreeder into your Firefox bookmark area.  Now just highlight any area of text and click that button so the window opens preloaded with the text.  Shnooogans.

Oh man.  I’ve wanted to be a polymath for a while, and although I’ll never actually be one, this news makes me feel cool and really smart.

Via Digg:  Here is a site,  Spreeder, that allows for speed reading!  How it works:  essentially, you cut any large piece of information you want to read out of the web/document/whatevs and paste it into the Spreeder.

Set the words per minute to a certain speed (I recommend 400 to start, then amp up the frequency) and press play.  A flash torrent of words starts playing and you simply read them as they pop up.

Speed reading is possible for most people.  What this site is doing is presenting words too quickly for the mind to actually sub vocalize (which means sound out in your head before actually saying it).  When we read, we subconsciously sub vocalize every word, which slows us down immensely.  Our brain doesn’t need to sub vocalize in order to comprehend the mean and context of a word, it needs to sub vocalize in order to actually speak the word.  So we are wasting a lot of time sub vocalizing all the words we are reading.  There are actually some other ways to speed read, like blocking up the words and letting your mind subconsciously comprehend them.  I’ve tried that and it didn’t work well for me.

But this is realer than Real Deal Holyfield.  You’s a flea.

Give it a shot, it’s remarkable.  In fact, I deliberately wrote this post a little longer so you could copy and paste this in.  Do it!  Or even better grab something you’ve never read and put it in; then weigh how much you gained from reading it through the Spreeder.  Eh?  EH??  Mmmmm.  *Nodding head*

Oh, brave new world, such is that your beauty may never dim.



  1. Nice find. Technology is now a bit closer to being inside my brain with Spreeder. I can’t wait until machines will be completely controlling me from the inside out (NANO TECHNOLOGY!), but this will definitely do for now. Seriously though, I just read about 3 LONG Wikipedia articles and a caught up on a couple blogs in about 1/3 the time it would have taken me otherwise.

    This seemed to work for me: pump up the wpm even more and just review it 2 or 3 times. I will now let the information seep into me as I go to sleep and dream about space travel and replicators.

    Comment by Brian Haugen — July 29, 2008 @ 6:28 am

  2. Yeah, it’s rad. I wonder if I’ll be able to incorporate it into my normal reading schedule. Guess I’ll find out. Nano technology is pretty cool stuff, I’m doing some reading on it now.


    Comment by Robert John Ed — July 29, 2008 @ 2:33 pm

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