July 30, 2008

Bloggers & Consultants: Marketing

Filed under: Ideas, Information Supernova, Media Origination, Personal Branding — Robert John Ed @ 2:52 pm

Scanning the RSS this morn and see that Hugh Macleod will potentially consult with Dell. His site evidently doesn’t have permalinks, so just scroll down to “Note to Dell.”

Consulting on what? I don’t know, and either does he apparently. Why would Dell go to someone when they aren’t even sure of what they want? Publicity? Hugh is a very prominent blogger:

Now I’m not saying that Dell would go to him only because he’s a prominent blogger. Hugh is incredibly intelligent (from what I’ve gathered in his writing) and well versed in all things interweb. What’s more, he’s interesting. In fact, he’s one of my favorite reads, and his success is well deserved in my mind.

He did some work with Microsoft a while back, entitled the Blue Monster that was trying to reinforce a mantra with the company.

Hugh draws cartoons. They are witty and fun to read. He has a great way of getting ideas across and I admire him for that. And his marketing knowledge is great (great meaning terms of scale). But here is the question, are companies hiring him for his marketing knowledge, for his whimsy, for his popularity in the blogosphere or something else entirely? Where and when do they decide that he is the man for the job?

Blogging has altered his existence. Why? He walks the walk on the daily. There are thousands of people just as smart as you. Just as smart as the person that actually got the job. So where is the difference? They walk the walk, every day. Hugh is in front of thousands of people daily. He’s there when someone runs into a problem. Do you think there’s any coincidence between these kinds of jobs? Do you think that Dell wouldn’t notice one of the most profitable companies on the planet working with a blogger? Do you think they didn’t see the publicity and ripples the pond accepted in reaction? Of course they did. It only takes one Senior VP to notice you, somehow, some way. And they are out there.

This is the world we live in today. It’s still the exception to the rule for consulting. But knowledge companies are changing their format. And maybe it’s not the companies so much as the entirety of the environment.


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