July 31, 2008

Mahjongg and iPhone Apps

Filed under: Digital Distribution, Gadgets, Ideas — Robert John Ed @ 3:25 pm

I’ve downloaded a few more applications for my iPhone:

Mahjongg (Favorite by far)

Labyrinth (Great time waster)

Cube Runner (Cool flying game using motion sensor)

The really cool part?  They were all free!  And they all downloaded to my phone through the 3G connection.  So now syncing was needed.  That’s pretty impressive.

There is a lot up in the air (non pun) about these applications and making money.  But I’d go so far as to say that the iPhone will eventually be sold for $99 (that’s below manufacturing cost) and the real money will be made via applications and plans for Apple and whoever the provider is.  These machines will eventually get incredibly powerful.  AT&T would be wise to start looking at providing application provisions which are add-ons to existing plans.  Charging $2 per month for a productivity application, or something similar.

Of course, Apple has allowed for this wrinkle with their app store.  It’s still closed, despite offering an SDK to devs, they are still in charge of the parade.  This is a long term scenario, say, five years from now; but I would love to be able to subscribe to services.  I’d like them more free, but at the end of the month, getting a nice bill summing up ALL of my uses wouldn’t be a bad thing.

If only Apple had it’s own network, it could be raking in the dough.


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