August 1, 2008

Joining Triiibes

If you read Seth’s blog, you’ll have noticed his CTA to join a niche group or tribe a few days ago.  The promotion is to preorder the book, forward your receipt to an administrative and get access to a special group.  Well I did that.  Now I’m officially in the Tribe.  It’s invitation only.  We’ll see where all of this goes, but a few thoughts:

1.  Invitation only works incredibly well when people care about the product.   When they don’t care, it’s just spam.  Seth has a huge following of marketers due to his uncanny writing capability and demeanor (he really does seem like a nice guy), so it works for him.  Would it work for a first time author?  No.

2. is built on Ning, so I’ll finally crack another social network.  Can’t say that really makes me happy…I’m already in way too many and feel that they could overwhelm pretty soon with the onset of school.  Seriously, the fragmenting of the tubes is getting so strong, I feel that eventually the idea of these networks will lose a lot luster for the sheer mass.  I’ve been wrong many times before though.

3.  I like turtles.

4.  Business books, well, are beginning to sound very much the same to me.  I’m finishing up one right now and am considering taking a large break from them (other than Seth’s new one) and may need to analyze ways to incorporate other types of reading into a business acumen.  I’ll review all of them of course, but so many of these books are retreading information, it just seems a waste of time.

Updates on the site and if it’s awesome-0 to come.


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