August 6, 2008

Debt…And Impending Lifestyle Change

Filed under: School — Robert John Ed @ 8:53 pm

Just wrapping up my financial stuff for school.  It’s going to be pretty tight month by month to get by.  Which is a bit of a switch from my current lifestyle.  My nature isn’t frivolous.  I grew up very poor, there were days when I’d come home and not really have anything to eat.  And that was with two parents who worked harder than anyone I’ve met in my entire life.  No lie.  So that naturally seeped into my lifestyle, I buy groceries adorned by yellow tags at Rainbow (which is less expensive than anything in MPLS)…I only shop for clothes on sale.  The list goes on.

In college it was even more so a stretch.  College life was very inexpensive, and it was a blast!  I miss college and spending time with people in the same boat.  The last few years though, I’ve had a decent job with decent pay and gotten to live with a few more niceties.  I payed off my school loans and a few cars, upgraded my business wardrobe, got a computer (sweet 24″ Mac) and some other electronic goodies.  So upon entering school, I can honestly say that 95% of the money I use to get by will be from loans.  And it’s a sparse loan.  I won’t get into specifics, but I’ll be poor again.  :-)

To make it reasonably easy to follow, I’ll be about 100k in debt when I get out of school, if all goes to plan and I spend 4 months in France toward the end of my classes.  I’m not one to worry, but that’s a big number.  It will be close to a mortgage payment when I’m done.  So I had better do a good job in school and secure a job that can afford that kind of responsibility.

Luckily, the track record at school is pretty good, so if I do my part everything should turn out OK.

When I think about this kind of money, I think that it’s probably the best investment I can make.  The only thing that could really be better would be to start a business that took off, or a stock portfolio that just skyrocketed.  The problem is those things are dependent on too many variables (not to mention a bank wouldn’t just give me that kind of scratch to invest!) for those investments.  Whereas investing in education is a little more of a secure proposition.

Either way, doing this whole thing is going to put me in the hole for the foreseeable future.


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