August 7, 2008

Passport Plus Juggling

Filed under: Random — Robert John Ed @ 8:04 pm

Just went down to the Midtown exchange and applied for my passport, it was actually quite a bit cheaper than I had expected, only about $125!  I had thought it more.  That is swell as I’ve a few weddings coming up and need to get some presents taken care of.  I hate taking pictures for stuff like that, I always look like an idiot.  I’m quite jealous of those photogenic people.  Is there a word for people that look better on the move?  Like a complete blur where you can barely make out what they look like?  That’s me.

So I have to head down to Bloomington and shop a bit for those weddings as well as some things to place in the new abode.

Finally at a soft launch with my prior company website (the consulting work I’m doing now is for them) and it looks like a winner.  There are still a ton of things to take care of for it, but I’d say we’re at about 95% completion.  Which is tasty.  Just in time to wrap up.  I’ll probably be taking care of all the blogging for the company as well as key word searches for SEO and ongoing consultative strategy within the marketing department.  Sounds like a big deal, but it’s really not.  Just lending a hand to some of the things that I’d learned about over the last three years.

And the search to globally dominate all things marketing continues.  Mwuah ha ha ha.   Aaah.


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