August 12, 2008

First Day of Orientation

Filed under: School — Robert John Ed @ 3:00 am

Today marks the start of the Carlson experience.  It’s a pretty amazing group of peeps, I must say.  The easiest way to spot intelligence (in my estimation) is wit.  People who can quickly analyze situations and make some incredulous or entertaining remarks are usually quite intelligent, and there was plenty today.

I’m not going to go over a lot of days in school, but today was pretty worthwhile.  We broke into two buses and rode to Camp Ihdhapi, where we commenced with some team building activities.  Pretty gnarlified really.  Camp is one of the most fun things.  We eventually got into smaller size groups of 12 or so and went off into our own adventures.  Traversing wires, climbing atop telephone poles while strapped to rope climbing apparatuses and intricate tales of scars and their origins were only a few of the group activities.  And there were cookies.  Anyone that knows me well understands my overt delight at those delicious heavenly morsels.  Afterward we hit up happy hour at the Town Hall and ate some grub.

There’s a lot of excitement out there right now.  People are pretty amped and every day is filled with activity, information and career aspirations.  I know it can’t last forever, but I’m going to enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts.

I haven’t had time to think, much less write or develop topics of cognitive worth, but wanted to get any little thing written before falling asleep.


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