August 13, 2008

Not Funny Ha-Ha

Filed under: Personal Branding, Random, School — Robert John Ed @ 4:09 am

Today a few people came in from A Brave New Workshop and did some improve at school.  They were pretty funny.  They also spoke a lot about adding improvisation into office work and being able to stay flexible.

The points they brought up were pretty good, but during their instructional presentations, something hit me.  Humor and the ability to get people in a room to laugh and enjoy the presentation is directly correlated to the effectiveness of that presentation.  Humor is also an extremely high indicator of intelligence.  It takes a special set of skills to think and speak in cogent and witty phraseology while still getting a point across.  Our speaker showcased this extremely well.  It was obvious to me that once the audience understood his personality and cadence of speech that they were going to give him the benefit of the doubt with their laughter.  This is what separates good comedians and great, astonishing speakers and abysmal.  They are able to win over a crowd and create an atmosphere where people want to listen and laugh along with you.  They want to get the joke.

When it happens, it’s a beautiful thing.  So next time someone makes you laugh during a presentation, see it for what it really is, a very intelligent speaker.


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