August 17, 2008

Business Is Easy, Other Things Hard

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Though I wrote a bit on this last week, it’s always reoccuring to me that I’d like to do much more than I actually have time for.  Staying on top of news, business, school, working out and maintaining a social life seem like too many pieces for one puzzle.  One or two have to go the way of the buffalo and methinks that the social aspect will probably deteriorate; which isn’t my bag, but sacrfices have to be made.  Life ain’t fair, I ain’t care; life ain’t and thems the breaks.

This lack of time really affects two situations.  Professionally, you are taking some great strides forward, increasing your skill sets in multiple areas.  Yet there is a natural tendency to focus less on real world scenarios (IE real time) and so technically your ability increases, but your awareness may decrease.  During the last three years, I kept up on most everything within the marketing world.  I think that during my time in school that general consciousness will recede, but after graduating, my ability to understand and perceive the news will climb.  Hopefully, that will result in having a solid understanding of all business news will jump.  We’ll see though.

Secondly, your personal situations are abstractly affected.  Family and existing friends will undoubtedly play a more reserved role during the next 21 months.  No question about it.  You will certainly make a lot of new friends, but humans have a natural tendency to only juggle a finite amount of friends.  I’ve heard a few numbers, but let’s throw out 30 people.  On average (and many are greater and lesser) a human can juggle 30 relationships decently.  At the end of that line, someone is going to drop off the radar.  It happens every day and in all kinds of ways and it bums me out.  We grow older and relationships slowly depart toward the horizon.  Before you realize it, those ships have set long sale and are a mere dot on the coast line.  Eventually the dots disappear into oblivion, and though you may well cross trajectories again, it is seldom anything but luck and a chance gust of wind.  More is the pity.

In the end, it’s not about how well you do with your career and how much money you make.  What matters are the relationships you forge, develop and maintain over the long haul.  Business is easy enough.  It’s not important in the long run.  Your friends are.

That’s somewhat counteractive to how I’ve usually described it.  The competition in business is ridiculous, getting a good job and setting your company apart is no walk in the park, but it’s still just business.  You won’t look back at the incremental market share increase you achieved in 2008 and think about those great times.  You’ll look back at the hours you worked with close friends and coworkers to build something together.  You’ll remember all of the people that wanted to know and spend time with you.  So business is easy.  Nothing in our lives really hinges on it.  Whereas the social relationships we have are anything and everything we’ll care about in the future.  Focus on them.


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