August 25, 2008

Everyone Loves Marketing

Filed under: Meeting Marketers, School — Robert John Ed @ 8:26 pm

Out of all the classes, Marketing received the most enthusiastic discussion.  Many reasons for this, but the main reason is that we all live marketing every day of our lives.  We spend hours in environments that attempt to communicate and sway us all the time, regardless of who we are or what we do.  It can anger us, excite us, enrage us, pique our interest or breed indifference.

We know it.  Better than any other aspect of business, we know and feel marketing throughout our days and so everyone has an opinion on it.  In fact, everyone is an expert!  Best believe that the differential between your average consumer and the most incredible CMO on the planet is a far smaller gap than that of, say, a great accountant or statistician.  This raises the question as to whether marketing is really that hard?  Is it that difficult to be a great marketer?  Short answer, yes.  Long answer is over 80,000 words.  Trust me, I just bought the text book.

I’d love to wax philosophical, but there are too many assignments for tonight to pontificate.  A bien tot.


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