August 27, 2008

The Drain

Filed under: Random — Robert John Ed @ 1:06 pm

It has already set in, that inescapable, undeterring force which saps ambition and alacrity in all things commandeered.  Part of it is the work load, part of it is that my first sixteen hours are fueled by a cup of coffee and a M&M Kudos, part of it is the mental strain that comes with torrents of new people, ideas and class structures.  It is there, secure as the tide and moon.

There are just so many little things to take care of.  Resume finalization, loans, networking events, moving this weekend, international application, the list goes.  On and on.  The list goes.  On and on.

It’s a bit worrisome.  The coursework itself takes a large amount of time.  Just in reading there must be 20 hours per week or so, plus group work at another 15, personal problems (work on your own) at 15, class time at 20 hours, networking, clubs and social life–whatever that is.  Everyone has their own way to recharge, and unfortunately I haven’t had that time lately.  I’m hoping the long weekend will give me some time to chill, or at least sleep more than six hours.  No promises, no regrets.

One of these days,
I’m going to sit down
And write a long letter
To all the good friends I’ve known…

But until then, these half ass 500 word bitch sessions will have to do.

Lovingly yours,



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