August 29, 2008

Bloggers, Twitter and the Election

Filed under: Information Supernova, Marketing Tactics, Media Origination — Robert John Ed @ 11:56 am

Watching CSPAN this morning a new media strategist was on to talk about reaction from both bloggers and Twitterers (PS find me at  A few things of note:

1.  CSPAN wasn’t doing this a couple years ago.  Good for them.  Recognizing new media is important for the old media to begin their transformation.  Broadcast media will slowly fade to the point of a much lesser presence.  Although it sounds odd now, television will some day be similar to radio in popularity.  Television producers NEED to understand this and begin altering their strategies in order to prolong the product life cycle.  A large transition to online media will be paramount to producer success in the future.

2.  The collective voices of bloggers, Tweets and other social media are getting louder.  Who can harness this energy into a more streamlined, uniform power?  Is that even a good idea?  If you look at Digg or Reddit, it’s obvious there’s a certain voice with the crowd.  I wonder at the power of creating online communities that rival the organizations of the past that had real power.  Unions come to mind.  It’s not as if the people have changed, merely the areas where they congregate and their communication lines.  The people are here, their opinions and values are strong, but there still isn’t the organization that truly creates action.  When someone figures out how to mobilize all these smart folks, watch out for some real change.

3.  It will be interesting to see the voice of new media in the oncoming election.  Last time around, Youtube was used.  This time Twitter?  Net neutrality is a big concern for us interwebbers, let’s see how that is attacked by both candidates.

4.  Creating and sustaining buzz for elections is a huge area to utilize the web.  On Digg alone, I saw a great deal of fundraising efforts (that actually worked!).  Fundraising is great and unbelievably important in this day and age, but I’d like to see some efforts to speak on the issues online.  Websites, email, Facebook messages, newsletters and anything else are used now.  I get some of them.  It will be interesting to see if there are a new set of marketing tactics over the course of the election.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. “I’d like to see some efforts to speak on the issues online.” Wouldn’t we all? I was watching the democratic national convention last night and all that was spoken was marketing blah blah made to make people stand and clap – which they did. Those wordsmiths do a good job. It’s not a dig against dems or Barak specifically, more politicians in general. If they laid out their actual plans for their term instead of using nice, idealisic words, it would be a whole new world of politics. One I certainly wish for!

    Comment by Kristin Vassallo — August 29, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

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