September 1, 2008

Moving On Up

Filed under: Random — Robert John Ed @ 1:26 pm

The last few days have been a lot of work, moving to my new apartment on Harriet Avenue and 34th Street.  The apartment is quite nice; I’m very happy with it.  There is still much to do in order to truly organize the place, but all the heavy lifting and such is done with.  My hands feel like tenderized hamburger.  If there is any luck to my being, I’ll end up here for the next four years.

That sounds like a long time, but two years are school and if I were to get a job around the area, another two years at a new firm doesn’t sound illogical.  Moving really sucks.  So if I can find a way to stay here a longer amount of time, awesome-0.

I’m writing on the Minneapolis public wifi, which costs about $20 per month.  They are making me buy a router, which is the lame seeing as I already own one.  Dumb, da-dumb, dumb dumb.  Still it’s pretty nice to be able to hook up to the tubes so quickly.  I’ve decided I’ll only be purchasing an internet connection and no cable.  That means only DVD’s, Wii and online pursuits for the time being.  Actually, that sounds pretty nice.  Something there is that loves a new existence. Personally, living alone has always suited me.  In undergrad I had a TINY efficiency and although it was a bit cramped, living alone seemed to get the most out of me.  Studying and being prepared for everything I had to do just really streamlined itself.  Hopefully that will be the result now as well.

Keeping up with friends that aren’t in school is something I’m really having to work at right now.  Those suns shall not set under my time.  So I’m thinking of throwing a small gathering here soon.  Keep your ears open and maybe we get something going.  Thank goodness it’s all moved.  It’s time to focus solely on school and getting a job post haste.  Time to set everything up.

Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free…


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