September 2, 2008

You Weren’t The First, You Won’t Be The Last

Filed under: Random, School — Robert John Ed @ 3:18 am

Reading about Philip Morris purchasing 7up in the late 70’s makes me think about the longevity of brands and companies who control them.  These kinds of acquisitions and the corollary business intelligence have been around for decades upon decades.  It’s very easy for our generation to revel in the fact that we have such incredible access to technology, and it’s also easy to think we are the “smartest” generation.  We aren’t.  We are the most informed generation.  Yet additionally we are the most disinformed.

There are many old hands out there who have already learned four times over in real life the lessons I’m expected to maneuver today by text book.  We are merely retreading what trailblazers learned first hand.  As such we will blaze new trails within the altering landscapes ourselves; but let’s not miss the forest for the trees.  Ours is but a premature understanding in a mature world.  Let’s approach it as such for full comprehension.

I truly believe that any one person’s capacity to be great is limited only by their ego and willingness to work hard.  Hubris and a false sense of entitlement seem to permeate through my generation.  Even the best and brightest suffer similar fates at times.  This isn’t meant as an attack either, just a sincere acknowledgment that the business people of the past were incredibly brilliant.

There were others here before us.  They wrote the books.  Remember it and maybe some day you’ll write your own.


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