September 9, 2008

“But You Aren’t In Their Target Market!”

Filed under: Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 1:12 pm

Of course I’m not.  Either are you.  But that doesn’t mean they are turning me away at the door.

I’ve heard this exceedingly too often as of late.  Evidently, people have the misconception that if you aren’t the exact representation of those demographic and psychographic profilings us marketers use to better understand our customers, you aren’t part of the equation.  Not being in the specific target market isn’t an excuse to not like the brand, the store, the product offering or service.  A target market is merely the lowest common demoninator for the marketers.  It reduces the confusion for everyone involved.  But you can be absolutely positive that corporations are similarly worried about anyone walking in and out of their brand’s life.  There are some brands that really don’t resonate with certain consumers, but we are getting lazy and using hubris crutches when we blindly point to “41.4 year old female, 2.7 kids in a rural 3.5 bedroom with household income of 94k” framed on the wall and laminated on our desks.

Great marketers understand this concept.  They know that Pareto was right.  But they also know that separation from the competition is contingent on the little things, meaning that everyone matters.  Everyone adds to your bottom line, and laughing it off when tactics fail on a single 25 year old male student in an urban one bedroom is no way to get ahead.

Consumer life cycles start out small, but they grow.  It’s our job to farm and ensure plentiful harvest.


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