September 11, 2008

Why International Students Have a Leg Up

Filed under: Personal Branding, School — Robert John Ed @ 11:38 am

The market place is shrinking.  Or growing, depending on your perspective.

Everything is consolidating, slowly but surely.  The borders and boundaries we have developed as humans in attempts to protect resources and gain power are slowly eroding, at least as a premise of commerce.  The global market place is a very important concept to consider for all companies in the future.

General Mills pointed it out Monday, Thomson Reuters hit on it yesterday, Target last week.  I’d bet dollars to donuts that Best Buy will touch on it today.  Major consultancies all expect international ability within their practice.  Sure, there are jobs out there for a great many types of people, but to grow and become a leader within these Fortune 500 types, international understanding and ability is becoming prerequisite.

So developing a strong international understanding and ability is directly addressed within every organization.  No matter how smart domestic students are, they still don’t have this particular competency  most companies are foaming at the mouth for.  To no fault of their own obviously, but fair was never a constant in this lively equation.  It seems to me, that this particular competency can be leveraged above most others, it’s an asset that is not easily had.  I certainly don’t think that international students have greater ability in terms of academics or as a social function.  On the contrary, but this is business school.  Grades only matter for potential consultants and social situations are just that.  Despite my incessant declarations at the importance of networks, the hiring companies don’t care how social or antisocial you were, they care about your ambition and leadership.  Those things can be proven whereas being a socialite is much more difficult to do so.  So people with international experience of any kind, including academia, have an edge.  Like any advantage, it must be leveraged correctly before utility.

This is not advocating for a lack of social presence.  My personal belief is that the ability to know and work with any people is a prerequisite skill for any kind of manager today, so ignoring those things today will stunt your growth in the future.  Social skills are very important; I just think that you could circumvent them in an interview if needed.

Time to read the next strategic case, assuredly about global marketplace strategy.


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