September 19, 2008

Corporate Reception and Indecision

Filed under: Meeting Marketers, Personal Branding, School — Robert John Ed @ 1:11 pm

Carlson hosted a corporate reception at the IDS Tower last night.  Quite a view from the 50th floor.

One of the problems with speaking to all the recruiters and representatives from the companies you are considering for employment is that they all sound good.  Working within an environment saturated with intelligence, large scale projects, serious international impact and truly important products is pretty invigorating. So I was like a kid in a candy store.  The only issue with that is whomever I do choose to work for, I expect to be fully prepared and ready to hit the ground running at that particular place.  Which means you have to decide on what industry you want to get into, as well as which aspect of that industry (in certain companies).

I’ve narrowed it down pretty well to CPG and medical devices.  It seems that my prior background and marketing acumen allows for a more natural progression into CPG (although there would still be a large amount of research, etc.)  If I were to go into medical devices the work required to prepare for the industry would a little more strenuous, which isn’t a problem either way.  I just need to figure out which way, because it doesn’t seem likely that you could be extremely well prepared for both due to class structure constraints and time.  As such it’s time to do some more heavy duty industry research in terms of marketing positions, expectations, metrics, background and anything else I can drum up.

Luckily, I spoke with quite a few really cool people from both industries.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some informational interviews set up and get a bit more clarity on where my skill sets will fit.  Much, much more to come.


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