September 21, 2008

Professionalism vs. Output

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There’s no doubt that this blog leans toward the latter.  I think it’s more important to simply write as much as possible when something strikes you worth mention.  The posts here aren’t polished, they aren’t thought out over the course of days, they are just quick ramblings on a topic that otherwise I might forget or not put anything down about.

I spoke with a friend last night about his writing.  He has a very polished feel to his posts, which I think is great.  When I first started writing this blog, I had to decide which way to go.  Some choose to blog every day, some choose to try and get something out every day regardless.  Personally, I feel there is more value in getting to really know someone than trying to always have break through ideas in posts.  I’d rather continuously get a solid amount of content out there and hopefully hit on some key issues along the way.  Basically, people are interested in some things and those tend to proliferate on their own.  Other things, not so much.

A few things to ponder:

1.  Why are you writing? Some people feel the need because it’s the in thing (or was a year or two ago).  I write mostly because I like writing and reading my own thoughts down somewhere.  It’s a bit like a diary, but much more accessible from technology.  Some write as an extension of their business, in which case it may be a good idea to write more coherent thoughts on whatever that subject matter is.

2.  Who is reading? There is some audience here at Redmarketer, although it’s small (around 20 hits per day when I’m being lazy, more when I’m actively pushing it through multiple channels) it consists mostly of friends and people who’ve met me in person.

3.  What do you want them to take away? This is a bit harder for me, but the real answer is to start to look at marketing for what it is and why it’s so valuable.  I’m not sure I do an adequate job of that most of the time, but I’m trying.  Figuring out why your blog exists is a good thing to do early on, then pursue it with esteem.

4.  What do you want to take away? I want to learn.  I find that writing about and maintaining a blog on marketing has me thinking about it in different ways a lot.  You start to look at everything you see in terms of objectives and actual implementation.  It keeps you on your game.  I also want to differentiate myself from the rest of the crowd of marketers in my peer set.  Honestly, I have no clue if that happens or not.  I worry about recruiters reading this and thinking me unprofessional or too off the cuff, but I think the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

5.  Establish some rules. I don’t have many, but the biggest one is that I will never write about the company I work for.  That sort of thing is off limits for a great deal of reasons.  Though I will always state who I work for and list any potential conflicts of interest.  The other rule is to keep writing.  So I just put crank this up and chug away in between studying and other daily operations.


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