October 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

Filed under: Blog Explanations, Random — Robert John Ed @ 4:17 am

…with Jack Handy.  No seriously, I’ve got a lot on my mind and want to vent some of it.  Here goes, in no particular order.

1.  I got a little negative feedback on this blog in terms of career progression.  Yep, there will be typos here on occasion, sorry everybody.  Truth is, I just don’t have the time to write really well all the time.  That’s kind of the point?  But it still concerns me.  I don’t want someone sizing me up on the merits of one post and deciding that I don’t fit with their organization because of it.  I still think the pros outweigh the cons, but it makes you think twice before publishing.  For anyone reading this blog, it’s not meant as a professional output, it’s meant as an area to air out ideas and thoughts in regard to marketing and (often too much) my life in general.  Some people can get down with that, others probably find me to be a pompous ninny.  I still think there is a lot of value to it.

My goal isn’t to be marketing profs.  It’s simply to learn about marketing with other marketers, at my own pace in a public forum.  This is sounding really defensive which isn’t what I wanted.  Moving on…

2.  I love Digg.  Read this article, thought it funny, but then clicked on the absolute bottom picture.  What’s that?  Oh yes, it’s transparency in marketing.  And it’s done well.  The big guys could certainly learn from this.  Everybody knows you are marketing to them now.  The cat has long since forgotten the bag existed.  Acknowledging consumers and their intelligence is a step in the right direction, methinks.

3.  My thought processes are disturbing.  I get locked onto things (like #1) and can’t move on.  Despite my understanding this, I still can’t seem to let go.  No good.

4.  School is really taking it’s toll.  It’s amazing and the profs are magnificent, yet it’s this incubation system for a ton of type A personalities.  Everyone is so driven toward self actualization, it’s almost a detriment.  Take me for instance, I get stressed about the sheer amount of things going on that the forest gets lost for the trees.  The environment is inherently competitive.  All of the students get along really well, but I think there is this subconscious fact in the back of our heads that we are really going for the same jobs.

They said it would be busy, they said it would be “the height of what is humanly possible,” maybe I didn’t give those foreboding death knolls enough credence.  These are trying times, my friends.

5.  I’ve been sick since last Friday and really need it to be gone by tomorrow for a marketing presentation.  Soma, is what I would take when hard times opened my eyes…actually it’s cough syrup.  For anyone new here, abstract literary citations in no particularly sensical arrangement are nothing out of the ordinary.

6.  It’s becoming painfully clear how little time you actually have for a social life at Carlson.  I miss my friends greatly.  It is such a bummer to have to say no to virtually everything people ask you to do well in advance.

7.  I know very well I shouldn’t be writing, I should be trying to learn statistics prior to our final on Friday, but I’m struggling.  And I truly miss writing.  Some day, I hope to be able to write for a living.  Maybe after I retire.  Speaking of which…my next meeting is in 6 hours.

Off to bed.


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