October 9, 2008

Longevity And The Quick Fix

Filed under: Marketing Philosophy — Robert John Ed @ 11:38 pm

No one really knows if longevity wins over the quick fix.  The quick fix always leaves before the opening bell.

What I really admire in businesses, business people, marketers and any other people walking this earth is the willingness to build.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Amazon (probably my favorite store of all time) was not an overnight success, it slowly built itself into a powerhouse.  Great companies are built over (and for) the long haul.  This kind of dedication can be seen around you, every day, if you look close enough.

Marketing is much the same.  It takes dedication to principles and a strategic vision.  For large companies, that could mean using your mission statement as a beacon (like Medtronic) to guide you.  For small businesses, it means treating everyone that walks through your doors as a gift.  If you can treat everyone in a way that makes them feel appreciated, slowly but surely you will build a loyal following.  If you create customer loyalty, bit by bit, with one new person every day you will have something undeniably successful within one year.

The quick fix does none of these things.  It just does the same things as last year only bigger and louder.

Stop shouting.

Start whispering.


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