October 12, 2008


Filed under: Philosophy, Random — Robert John Ed @ 9:21 pm

It takes 10,000 in search of expertise.  Think about that a moment.

Break that down, and it’s no wonder so few people become experts, in anything.

Expertise comes from dedication (also known as obsession) to something that you love.  If you want to be a great consultant, it’s important to read great consulting books, blogs and try to work with other consultants.  If you want to be a great fisherman, the same rules apply.

Greatness, despite our thoughts otherwise, is not a gift given to a select few.  Michael Jordan loved basketball.  Earnest Hemingway loved to write.

Of course, you can spend 10,000 hours doing anything, but do you really want to?  Your best shot at becoming an expert, with anything at all, is to love doing it.


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