October 18, 2008

Rebrand and Site Improvement…18 Months Away!

Filed under: Blog Explanations, Projects — Robert John Ed @ 11:57 pm

My long term objective for this website and blog is to build a really robust informational repository for marketing and business information.  This is going to be my slice of the internet until eternity calls my name and that excites me quite a bit.  It also perplexes me because I look at what it is right now and think that it’s not really where I want yet.  I only built it (with Mikey and Taj) about six months ago, but I’m already looking at rebranding and streamlining information in different ways.

I can’t do this now because of the costs and time it takes to pull all those things together.  Yet I’m planning on doing this well (IE paying someone with real skill) so that it is a little more professional.  One thing that is eternally frustrating is that I can’t input imagery into my posts, which makes them much more boring than they could be.  But to do this the CSS has to be altered with respect to WordPress software and those are abilities I just don’t have.  There are a few other things I’m considering, like a marketer’s manifesto and some more in depth downloadable files that go over major aspects of marketing (PDF’s probably).  I want to build.  It seems that building things that have long term value is really what drives me.

There is a vision behind this and once I’m out of school, I’ll probably get everything started.



  1. Love the shout out bro, but it’s all you! You made it! Hey did you read Seth’s post about 16 squares? Good stuff. Holla.

    Comment by Taj Bolton — October 22, 2008 @ 3:37 pm

  2. My RSS is down to like 12 feeds, and I read it once a week. Chances are I’ll get there. Holla.

    Comment by Robert John Ed — October 22, 2008 @ 4:30 pm

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